Milestone Module - Heatmap 1.0

Heatmap module

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For the implementation of the Heatmap representation of glycomics data in GRITS the project is divided in three parts:

  • Object model to represent the data in memory
  • Clustering algorithm
  • Interactive GUI in GRITS

Object model

  • List of data sets (columns) with each data set
    • ID
    • Meta data
    • List of Properties with each property
      • ID
      • Numerical value
      • Meta data
  • (optional) Meta data related to the clustering

GUI representation in GRITS

  • Each cell is represented as colored square
  • Data sets ID in the bottom of the data area
  • Property ID on the right of the data area
  • A legend below to explain color scale based on numerical value
  • Coloring can be done linear, ex or ln(x) based
  • It is possible to define a lower and upper threshold
  • Interaction
    • Export/print graph (e.g. pdf)
    • Mouse over cell shows numerical value


  • It should be possible to cluster
    • By data set only
    • By property only
    • By data set and property
  • Clustering only changes the order of properties and data sets in the data model and provides the information for the dendrogram
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