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Service lab plugin

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Aim is the implementation of the plugin that is specific for the service lab and contains functions that are only necessary for them:

Generate a bill proposal based on what analysts have uploaded

  • Creation of a management module
    • allows to classify each protocol into known protocols and new protocols
    • For each protocol a display name can be specified
    • Associate a set of costs with each protocol
      • static costs = total number given
      • Dynamic costs = amount is multiplied with the value of a parameter of the protocol
  • Generate a bill proposal for a project
    • go over all samples and find all protocols
    • for each "chargeable" protocol give the name, the total amount and the samples
    • output as word file

Validation of data completeness

  • Management module
    • Allow associating a Task (preference) with a list of protocols (known protocols) and a min and max number of protocols that need to be executed for each task
    • Allow associating of Protocols with files
      • Number of files of a type that need to be provide
      • Main category of the file
      • Sub category of the file
  • Implement a check function
    • can be triggered manually or as part of the bill proposal
    • gives a summary of inconsistencies
      • check if for each task (* number of task) enough protocols are present
      • check for each leaf in the protocol graph if a task is present
      • check if for each protocol the required files are uploaded

Notification email for samples

  • Management module that allows to associate people (preference) with email addresses
  • Preference for email settings
  • Function that can be called per project or per sample and shows the list of people, after user selection an notification email is send to the selected people

Generation of a Service lab report

  • Use the text templates associated with the protocols to generated a report stub with the description of the performed experiment
    • Tree structure of the experiment design need to be considered
    • Place holder need to be replaced with actual parameter values

Update parameter with information from uploaded files

  • Have separate menu options to upload certain files (NMR, MS) to protocols
  • These files are parsed and information is extracted and used to update the parameters in the protocol
  • Files are added to the right archive or archive is created first
  • Candidates for data extraction
    • NMR files = instrument time
    • MS files = number of scans

Upload of the final bill

  • File is stored in the project archive
  • Associated amount is separately

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