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#1113 fixed Able to enter the duplicate analyte names using 'Batch of Analyte' yukie

After the alpha-test by Lisete and Yan, they commented that they could save the same name of analyte by using 'New'->'Batch of Analyte'.

In the 'Batch of Analyte' wizard (second page), users are able to modify the analyte names.

Please show an error message, if a user enter the same name within the wizard page, also, the project (where this 'batch of analyte' belongs to).

#390 fixed Add an experiment/analyte legend area for Glycan Tree sena sena

Need to display the experiments/analytes used in creating the merge report in GlycanTree view. It should list the short name (alias) used for the experiment while creating the merge result and also the associated number used in the decorators in the GlycanTree. It should also provide the ability to filter in/out results coming from certain experiment(s).

#19 fixed Add button in merge dialog dbrentw Rene Ranzinger

Have a add button in the annotation selector or the merge dialog that adds annotations to the merge dialog without closing the dialog everytime.

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