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#148 fixed MS profile support in GELATO dbrentw Rene Ranzinger

Add support for MS profile data in GELATO

#149 fixed MS Glycan Annotation - preference dbrentw Rene Ranzinger

Better names for Table types:

  • Scans = Scan list or Subscan list ?
  • Peakswithfeatures = Annotated peaklist ?

How to handle "unlogical" combinations: Overview + Peakswithfeatures?

Hide unnannotated preaks problem

  • rename unnannotated to unannotated
  • setting have not effect
    • MS level 1
    • Table type : Peaks...
    • Select Hide
    • Ok
    • Open MS1 annotation list => unannotated peaks are still there
    • Same for MS2 and Summary and details view
  • settings not stored
    • After changing the settings above go back to preference dialog
    • Select MS level and Table type => checkbox is unchecked
#150 fixed Empty grid after exception dbrentw dbrentw

Sometimes, if an exception is encountered during processing of data, an error message pops up saying "-1" and then you get an empty grid w/ gray background. The exception needs to be handled w/ better message to user and then that tab should not open.

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