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#151 fixed Progress dialog for creation of MS entry dbrentw Rene Ranzinger

This dialog is necessary if large RAW and mzXML files are copied.

#152 fixed Max upload size for mzXML web service dbrentw Rene Ranzinger

Create an upper limit for the file size for Full MS and MSn files that can be uploaded to the mzXML conversion web service. If the file is to big a message box should ask the user to create an mzXML file themselves.

#154 fixed Khoo data set dbrentw Rene Ranzinger

There is a problem when creating an MS entry for the Khoo data set. During the upload the attached exception is throw but the entry is still created. When opening the entry the property page is shown normal but the spectra viewer is empty and goes from 0-1 on both axis. The scan list table is empty too.

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