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#245 fixed Annotation Editor: Hide/show peaks in Summary dbrentw Rene Ranzinger

Tested with Khoo data 5% cutoff and BY ions.

  • Open Scan 5 or 8 in Summary view.
  • A single peak is annotated with the intact structure
  • Right click on one of the unannotated rows => Hide
  • Only one row left
  • Right click => Show
  • Peak data changes, annotation are gone and only one peak is there (thats how it looks like)
  • Sort by one of the columns => all peaks are back

The Bug does NOT work:

  • if the row with the annotation is the first row when before clicking on hide
#246 fixed Error saving annotations for LC-MS dbrentw dbrentw

If you edit the selected annotations for LC-MS and try to save, an error message is generated and the changes aren't saved

#247 fixed Checkboxes not working for Summary View for MS Profile data dbrentw dbrentw

If you open the Summary view for MS Profile annotation, you can click the checkbox of the first entry and it will toggle. If you click another entry, nothing happens. However, the underlying structure IS toggled because if you cause a refresh of the page (i.e. change tabs and change back), the new selection is there.

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