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#1113 fixed Able to enter the duplicate analyte names using 'Batch of Analyte' yukie

After the alpha-test by Lisete and Yan, they commented that they could save the same name of analyte by using 'New'->'Batch of Analyte'.

In the 'Batch of Analyte' wizard (second page), users are able to modify the analyte names.

Please show an error message, if a user enter the same name within the wizard page, also, the project (where this 'batch of analyte' belongs to).

#47 duplicate Create new GRITS icon and splash (replace SimianTools Monkey) dbrentw

We need a new image.

#126 fixed Checkboxes in Details and Spectra views don't always update dbrentw

Currently, if you open an editor to see the summary, details, and spectra view for a particular peak id, if you click different rows for the same peak id and change the selection below, the checkboxes in the already open sub-view don't change. This is because the implementation currently stores the row number of the parent view and should probably store the peak id.

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