23:09 Ticket #183 (Sample PDF Report) created by Rene Ranzinger
Add a module to the Experiment designer PDF report generation to add …
21:34 Ticket #182 (MS Quantification) created by Rene Ranzinger
- Quantification against internal standard - Intensity as ration (%) …
21:31 Ticket #181 (Add key numbers columns to merge) created by Rene Ranzinger
Key number columns (glycan type, number of branches, number of gal-gal …
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20:30 GritsTutorial_PDFGeneration created by sena
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03:42 Ticket #180 (Opening TIM experiments) created by Rene Ranzinger
* An artificial Scan 0 is created => double click * Problem 1 - List …
02:06 Ticket #179 (MS annotation does not open) created by Rene Ranzinger
After GELATO annotation the entry is no longer opened automatically.


23:47 Ticket #178 (GlycovaultManager : Submission) created by shan
Handling Duplicates The simplest duplicate case that fails is …
23:03 Ticket #177 (GlycovaultManager : Downloading SourceSample) created by shan
The downloaded SourceSample is not properly filled. The …
23:00 Ticket #176 (GlycovaultManager : Download SourceSample) created by shan
The downloaded SourceSample is not properly filled. The …


16:39 Ticket #175 (Need methods in GlycoVault client to upload and download a Protocol) created by sena
In order to be able to upload an Experiment Design, we need the …
16:37 Ticket #174 (Need methods in GlycoVault client to upload and download a parameter) created by sena
The following methods are required to be able to upload Protocol …
16:33 Ticket #173 (Incorrect object returned from glycovault client's getProtocolList() method) created by sena
Facade.java in glycovault client has a method with the following …
16:30 Ticket #172 (Error downloading ProtocolDesign right after uploading it) created by sena
I have uploaded the following Protocol Design using the client and try …
16:26 Ticket #171 (Error downloading Protocol Design) created by sena
When I try to download a protocol design with a name that contains a …
16:23 Ticket #170 (Downloaded Experiment Design does not have the correct Experiment Steps.) created by sena
There are two experiment designs in the glycovault database and for …


16:38 Ticket #111 (Type ahead for parameter values) closed by Rene Ranzinger
01:44 Ticket #166 (Save protocol template: Category ignored) closed by Rene Ranzinger


23:05 Ticket #169 (ProjectExplorerDialog does not filter out hidden entries) created by sena
Project Explorer View does not show hidden children but the …


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20:44 Ticket #168 (Gray box rendered if no annotations and hidden unannotated) created by dbrentw
If you use the "Hide Unannotated" options for a particular table and …


00:01 Ticket #149 (MS Glycan Annotation - preference) closed by Rene Ranzinger


23:51 Ticket #156 (Sample Editor: Allow creating a template from an existing sample) closed by Rene Ranzinger
23:45 Ticket #150 (Empty grid after exception) closed by Rene Ranzinger
23:44 Ticket #146 (LC-MS data in Gelato) closed by Rene Ranzinger
23:41 Ticket #165 (Missing scan numbers in Structure annotation) closed by Rene Ranzinger
17:33 Ticket #160 (Multiple simpleTypes in groupTypes and Physical object type) closed by Rene Ranzinger
17:24 Ticket #158 (New submenu entry for GlycoVault Manager) closed by Rene Ranzinger
15:56 Ticket #110 (Dictionary control for parameter values) closed by Rene Ranzinger
15:51 Ticket #167 (Paper view - invalid PMID) created by Rene Ranzinger
When trying to add a paper using an invalid PubmedID a dialog …
14:29 Ticket #164 (Experiment desiger: Paper view - Scrollbar issues) closed by Rene Ranzinger
14:22 Ticket #77 (Save protocol template and protocol variant) closed by Rene Ranzinger
14:21 Ticket #166 (Save protocol template: Category ignored) created by Rene Ranzinger
* Open Experiment design * Create Delipidation step * (Option) Add new …
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