23:49 Ticket #343 (MS experiments: add support for standards) created by Rene Ranzinger
Brent * add a preference for standards in the preference dialog * GWS …
23:45 Ticket #342 (Merge Report: Properties) created by Rene Ranzinger
In the merge report file add a header section that stores the user …
23:43 Ticket #341 (Merge Report: Alias names) created by Rene Ranzinger
Allow the user to specify alias names for the entries that are merge. …


23:51 Ticket #337 (Handle Non-existent/Corrupt files in Workspace and Projects) closed by Rene Ranzinger
23:29 Ticket #332 (Add GWB Sequence support for populating Glycan Extra Info) closed by Rene Ranzinger
23:25 Ticket #322 (Multi, grouped column header issues) closed by Rene Ranzinger
23:23 Ticket #336 (Modify Ion class) closed by Rene Ranzinger
23:19 Tickets #237,​307,​308 batch updated by Rene Ranzinger
23:12 Ticket #321 (No intensity values for MS1 peaks) closed by Rene Ranzinger
23:10 Ticket #340 (Annotation Editor - Cartoons: Reduced end not shown) created by Rene Ranzinger
When annotating a spectra with reduced end settings the mass of the …
22:58 GlycanTreeRequirement edited by sena
22:57 GlycanTreeRequirement edited by sena
22:11 Ticket #339 (GELATO: Preferences) created by Rene Ranzinger
Add preferences for GELATO settings, including: * accuracy settings * …
22:02 Ticket #338 (Annotation Editor - Properties: Show polarity) created by Rene Ranzinger
This is a follow up ticket of 325. The polarity of an adduct should be …
22:00 Ticket #325 (GELATO: Unable to create negativ Ions) closed by Rene Ranzinger


21:46 Ticket #337 (Handle Non-existent/Corrupt files in Workspace and Projects) created by shan
* Remove project name from the workspace.xml file when * project …
17:31 Ticket #336 (Modify Ion class) created by dbrentw
The Ion class needs polarity. So add it.
00:44 Ticket #335 (Annotation Editor: Summary view column chooser problems) created by Rene Ranzinger
In the summary view of an MS2 spectra open the column chooser. By …


21:56 Ticket #334 (Project Entry Editor) created by shan
Fix/Change the following * Description is not copied to project after …
21:48 Ticket #333 (Add New Collaborator) created by shan
Implement a Dialog/Wizard to add Collaborators to a Project * drop …


21:43 Ticket #332 (Add GWB Sequence support for populating Glycan Extra Info) created by dbrentw
Currently, the API for populateGlycanExtraInformation(GlycanAnnotation …
19:08 Ticket #331 (Add Sorting Functionality in the Core Plugin) created by shan
Add sorting functionality to columns in tables * Collaborators, …
18:21 Ticket #330 (Mac Issue with CheckboxTableViewer) created by shan
Replace CheckboxTableViewer in the core plugin to remove extra column. …


23:15 Ticket #329 (GELATO: Sometimes annotations are not found) created by Rene Ranzinger
For different annotation runs (see Workspace "David Workspace 2") it …
23:08 Ticket #328 (Sample Editor : Analyte Editor Display Issues in Mac) created by shan
* Categories in a Component Page for Analyte Editor does not have …
19:15 Ticket #327 (Merge ProjectManager 1.0) created by shan
* Test the branch as product on Mac and Windows * Merge the working …


22:04 Ticket #303 (Experiment designer: Additional Hierarchy level for the palette) closed by Rene Ranzinger
21:59 Ticket #326 (GELATO: Negative mode annotation) created by Rene Ranzinger
Using negative mode (-H) data - GELATO calculates incorrect MZ * …
21:34 Ticket #325 (GELATO: Unable to create negativ Ions) created by Rene Ranzinger
* Add new Ion * Choose other * Name: -H * Mode: negative * Charge: …
21:30 Ticket #324 (Annotation Editor: Missing annoation columns) created by Rene Ranzinger
Add columns with the following information: - Adduct - Neutral …
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17:56 DevelopmentNotes_ExperimentDesigner edited by sena


23:09 Ticket #301 (Experiment designer: Arrows are not saved) closed by Rene Ranzinger
22:25 Ticket #323 (Glycan Structure database: Regenerate all databases for new format) created by Rene Ranzinger
Regenerate all databases using the new format (see #304).
22:23 Ticket #304 (Glycan Structure database: Add support for GlycoCT in addition to GWS) closed by Rene Ranzinger
22:21 Ticket #306 (CustomExtraData in Merge report) closed by Rene Ranzinger
22:19 Ticket #322 (Multi, grouped column header issues) created by dbrentw
If you view all of the CustomExtraData in a merge report, the columns …
21:55 Ticket #305 (Glycan Annotation sequence) closed by Rene Ranzinger
21:54 Ticket #296 (Extend glycan extra information generation) closed by Rene Ranzinger
21:53 Ticket #181 (Add key numbers columns to merge) closed by Rene Ranzinger
21:41 Ticket #319 (GELATO: No annotaitons found) closed by Rene Ranzinger
21:40 Ticket #295 (Missing GlydeII sequence in GlycanAnnotation) closed by Rene Ranzinger
18:25 Ticket #321 (No intensity values for MS1 peaks) created by sena
I am getting 0.0 for all the intensity values for the peaks as can be …


16:59 DevelopmentNotes_ExperimentDesigner edited by sena


23:21 Ticket #320 (Annotation Editor: No annotation found) created by Rene Ranzinger
Ticket is related to #319. If no annotation/feature is found and the …
23:08 Ticket #319 (GELATO: No annotaitons found) created by Rene Ranzinger
* Started a new MS experiment (stem cell data frag3 - direct infusion) …
23:01 Ticket #318 (Updating Projects after Moving Typeahead) created by shan
Update Projects with appropriate class imports after moving typeahead …


21:52 Ticket #317 (Running GRITS as a Product) created by shan
* Fix problems for exporting GRITS product from * GRITS.win64.product …
21:46 Ticket #316 (Experiment designer: Add template to existing design) created by Rene Ranzinger
Allow to add a template to an existing design to extend the design …
21:40 Ticket #315 (Experiment designer: Report generation - Word) created by Rene Ranzinger
Create a common interface for the exporter and have implementations: * …
18:51 Ticket #314 (Default Preference Values) created by shan
Create separate files for storing default preference values for * Role …


23:36 Ticket #313 (Experiment designer: Preferences for protocols) created by Rene Ranzinger
Add a preference page to allow users to create their own protocol …
23:27 Ticket #312 (Experiment designer: All boxes same lengh) created by Rene Ranzinger
Add a option to the right click menu to make all boxes in the current …
23:23 Ticket #311 (Experiment designer: Wrap text in protocol boxes) created by Rene Ranzinger
Rather than trunkating long protocol name "..." try to wrap the text …


17:58 Ticket #310 (Exception when changing cartoon preferences) created by sena
I see the attached exception in the log whenever I make a change in …
17:50 Ticket #309 (Annotation Editor: Specify ratios for mixtures) created by Rene Ranzinger
We need a way to allow to specify ratios for mixtures. This can either …
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