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20:04 Ticket #489 (Storing extra info in a file) created by dbrentw
Calculating "extra" info for a GlycanAnnotation is a slow process. The …
19:58 Ticket #488 (GELATO is slow) created by dbrentw
During recent changes in GELATO, it has become much slower than it …


22:23 Ticket #487 (Overhaul progress notifications and dialog) created by dbrentw
Create notification system and optimize progress dialogs.


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17:24 Ticket #486 (Grits Core : Add Version Information to Preferences) created by shan
- Add version information for preferences stored in the …


20:55 Ticket #485 (Archive Editor : Problem downloading File as a zip) created by shan
- fix and test - downloading .pptx and .jpeg files as zip has problem …
16:08 Ticket #484 (Exception thrown during opening of MS Editors) created by dbrentw
an exception about not read and dispatch is being thrown when new …
15:50 Ticket #483 (Tabs not in correct order) created by dbrentw
The tabs of Scans, Properties, etc are not in correct order.
15:49 Ticket #482 (No annotation options for MS Spectra) created by dbrentw
if you open the spectra viewer for MS Annotation, there are no options …


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23:00 Ticket #481 (Archive Editor : Option to save Archive Editor before closing it) created by shan
When the Archive Editor is dirty and one tries to close it, the dialog …
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18:34 Ticket #480 (Not able to open merge report) created by dbrentw
With the new version, you can't open merge reports anymore.
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