05:04 Ticket #241 (Rename of entries) closed by Rene Ranzinger
04:57 Ticket #515 (Glycan Array: Implementation of prototype) created by Rene Ranzinger
Implementation of a glycan array prototype allowing to upload and view …


02:52 Ticket #495 (Add Version Information to Entry Property - Part III) closed by Rene Ranzinger
02:48 Ticket #370 (Project Editor - Report generation) closed by Rene Ranzinger
02:47 Ticket #359 (Project Editor - Export) closed by Rene Ranzinger
02:43 Ticket #502 (Export Entry/Entries As a Zipped Folder) closed by Rene Ranzinger
02:32 Ticket #487 (Overhaul progress notifications and dialog) closed by Rene Ranzinger
02:29 Ticket #479 (Sample Descriptors : MeasurementUnit Label Display Issue) closed by Rene Ranzinger
02:27 Ticket #491 (Add Version Information to Entry Property - Part I) closed by Rene Ranzinger
02:27 Ticket #492 (Add Version Information to Preferences - Part I) closed by Rene Ranzinger
02:23 Ticket #355 (Project Editor - Date picker) closed by Rene Ranzinger
02:17 Ticket #484 (Exception thrown during opening of MS Editors) closed by Rene Ranzinger
02:16 Ticket #482 (No annotation options for MS Spectra) closed by Rene Ranzinger
02:16 Ticket #483 (Tabs not in correct order) closed by Rene Ranzinger
02:14 Ticket #480 (Not able to open merge report) closed by Rene Ranzinger
02:12 Ticket #497 (Gelato filters do not work) closed by Rene Ranzinger
02:12 Ticket #488 (GELATO is slow) closed by Rene Ranzinger
02:10 Ticket #514 (Document Archive: Delete all emails not working) created by Rene Ranzinger
* create new archive * add two email threads with two replies each * …
02:08 Ticket #513 (Document Archive: Scrollbar missing) created by Rene Ranzinger
Both tabs do not have horizontal or vertical scroll bar if the editor …
01:31 Ticket #496 (Archive Editor : Add second page for archiving email) closed by Rene Ranzinger
01:27 Ticket #485 (Archive Editor : Problem downloading File as a zip) closed by Rene Ranzinger
01:24 Ticket #512 (Document Archive: Open files by default) created by Rene Ranzinger
When the archive editor is opened the "File" tab should be shown by …
01:22 Ticket #481 (Archive Editor : Option to save Archive Editor before closing it) closed by Rene Ranzinger


17:40 Ticket #511 (Document Archive: Keyword not in preference) created by Rene Ranzinger
If a archive is opened with used that is not in preference: * Open …
17:25 Ticket #510 (Annotation Editor: New Workspace - Preferences not initialized) created by Rene Ranzinger
* Create a new empty workspace * Immediately open the Annotation …
04:06 Ticket #509 (MS annotation + Merge: Add special peaks to the table) created by Rene Ranzinger
A preference is needed to allow creating special peaks (m/z values in …
04:00 Ticket #508 (GELATO: Extend filters) created by Rene Ranzinger
Modify the GELATO filters to allow additional filters with ranges (see …


21:53 Ticket #507 (Developers Fragment : Developers fragment does not log message to ...) created by shan
When running GRITS.all.dev.product in Eclipse Mars 4.5, the …
21:46 Ticket #506 (ProjectExplorer : Opening a closed project shows two project entry) created by shan
Opening a closed project - when you open a closed project entry, it …
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A plugin that will - Archive and retrieve files per project or Sample …
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