21:28 Ticket #641 (Annotation Editor: documentation of MS entry creation) created by Rene Ranzinger
We need documentation (trac page or word) that shows how to create own …
18:03 Ticket #640 (Sample manager: Error in create dialog not reset) created by Rene Ranzinger
* Open a GRITS workspace * DO NOT select anything in the project …
17:52 Ticket #639 (MS editor: Exceptions loading files from different msconvert version) created by Rene Ranzinger
Trying to opens Osmans mouse data in GRITS we got exceptions "Unable …


18:45 Ticket #638 (GlycanArray - append sample name to the name of the experiment) created by sena
When creating a glycan array experiment, if the experiment contains …
18:40 Ticket #637 (GlycanArray - add a new column in Overview page Slide List table) created by sena
Add a new column in the Slide List table where we list raw data to …
17:22 Ticket #636 (GylcanArray - change the preferred colors for the bars in the histogram) created by sena
RGB code (153, 51, 102) for "Low" RGB code (153, 153, 255) for "High" …


19:18 Ticket #635 (GlycanArray - extract additional information from the instrument files) created by sena
Need to extract "PMT Gain" in addition to the Power Level from …
19:12 Ticket #634 (GlycanArray - sorters) created by sena
Need to create an interface in the glycan array master table to allow …
19:09 Ticket #633 (GlycanArray - filters) created by sena
Need to implement additional filters as listed in Mark's software. …


22:29 Ticket #632 (Grits Core : Implement a preference store for Grits and local caching ...) created by shan
- Create an Interface for Preference IGritsPreferenceStore that - …
22:17 Ticket #631 (Grits core : An Extension Point for Preference) created by shan
For preference Grits core uses "org.eclipse.ui.preferencePages" from …
22:08 Ticket #630 (GELATO allows calculation of glycan m/z w/out presence of adduct) created by dbrentw
GELATO must not consider candidate glycans if no adduct is present. In …
18:24 Ticket #629 (ExperimentDesigner - parameter values are not edited correctly in the ...) created by sena
When a protocol is created from a protocol variant, if it has multiple …


22:40 Ticket #628 (GlycanArray - do not use Control as the label - get from preferences) created by sena
Need to change the Control in the wizard and also at the overview page …
22:32 Ticket #627 (GlycanArray - remove N/A from concentration type in the wizard) created by sena
There are only two concentration types, neat or a value with a unit. …
22:27 Ticket #626 (GlycanArray - copyTo does not work when sample has a glycan array ...) created by sena
I tried to copy a sample from a project to another and got an …


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19:05 Ticket #625 (Sample Manager : Migration to Eclipse 4 (Sample Plugin)) created by shan
- Migrate sample plugin to eclipse 4 - contribute to the application …
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21:22 Ticket #624 (Cartoon preferences - add missing layouts) created by Rene Ranzinger
Add the other layouts supported by GWB for the image generation: * …
21:13 Ticket #623 (Annotation Editor: Label for unannotated peaks) created by Rene Ranzinger
When selecting unannotated peaks to be shown in the spectra the m/z …


17:56 Ticket #622 (e4: review logging code) created by Rene Ranzinger
The current logging code (log4j) uses 4 classes in the log package of …
17:56 Ticket #621 (Core: Crash of GRITS if log folder is not writeable) created by Rene Ranzinger
Administrator: * install GRITS on C drive in the programs folder * …
17:40 Ticket #620 (e4: evaludate using context functions) created by Rene Ranzinger
Currently services are registered via API on application startup or …


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