21:34 Ticket #785 (Service lab: Selection in Project Explorer) created by Rene Ranzinger
* Open a workspace * Double click on a project (project is open and …
21:31 Ticket #784 (Service lab: Validation Wizard - Page 2) created by Rene Ranzinger
Problem with Enzymatic release (ER) in the attached workspace * ER is …
21:23 Ticket #783 (Service lab: Validation Wizard - Page 1) created by Rene Ranzinger
* The error message should be more informative: "Please select the …


21:31 Ticket #782 (GritsUIService: revisit the Entry equals check) created by sena
I have added entryEquals method in GritsUIService's findPartForEntry …


03:41 Ticket #781 (Custom Annotation - Annotate Peaks kills scrollbar) created by Rene Ranzinger
If a MS1 is opened (has a horizontal scrollbar). Use "Annotated Peaks" …
03:39 Ticket #780 (Custom Annotation - Columns visible) created by Rene Ranzinger
When selecting "Annotate Peaks" the columns should become visible by …
03:38 Ticket #779 (Custom Annotation - Filter dialog) created by Rene Ranzinger
* Use TitleAreaDialog as for other dialogs * Description field should …
03:20 Ticket #778 (Custom Annotation - Dialogs modal - too many dialogs) created by Rene Ranzinger
Although the dialogs are modal they are still on top (in the way). …
03:15 Ticket #777 (Custom Annotation - Filter dialog - table to small) created by Rene Ranzinger
Default size of the dialog is too small. Table becomes inaccessible …


23:04 Ticket #776 (Archive Editor : Selecting same document type for two files) closed by Rene Ranzinger
22:03 Ticket #763 (Bill generation: Ignores known attribute) closed by Rene Ranzinger
22:01 Ticket #754 (Sample manager: Creating template triggers dirty flag) closed by Rene Ranzinger
21:58 Ticket #755 (Sample manager: Dirty flag not reset after close) closed by Rene Ranzinger
21:58 Ticket #762 (Project editor: Collaborator - Funding dropdown incorrectly initialized) closed by Rene Ranzinger
21:56 Ticket #756 (Project editor: Dirty flag not reset after close) closed by Rene Ranzinger
21:55 Ticket #593 (Project management: Add a number to tasks) closed by Rene Ranzinger
21:46 Ticket #776 (Archive Editor : Selecting same document type for two files) created by shan
For a file a new document type object is not created each time a …


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20:56 Ticket #775 (E4 migration : Rewrite ProjectExplorerDialog in grits core plugin) created by shan
In grits core plugin - Rewrite …


17:06 Ticket #774 (Glycan Array - export into Excel does not keep sort order) created by sena
export from the master table into excel includes all rows in the …


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