23:50 Ticket #1017 (MS Merge: ability to hide rows with common annotations) created by sena
In the merge report, create an option to hide rows which have the same …
23:48 Ticket #1016 (MS Merge: unable to edit alias column) created by sena
We have added 3 experiments for the merge. Editing the alias for the …
23:45 Ticket #1015 (GELATO Wizard: dialog for adding databases is too small) created by sena
The part of the reducing end name/mass is not visible on small screen. …
23:43 Ticket #1014 (MS Annotation: multiple external quantification files error) created by sena
If there are multiple instrument external quantification files added …


22:09 Ticket #1013 (ProjectExplorer shows incorrect icons for entries and invalid contents) created by sena
I've seen strange workspaces where the sample/archive/ms entries are …
19:22 Ticket #1012 (MS Annotation: LC-MS/MS experiment does not show the annotations) created by sena
I've created a LC-MS experiment using the following file: …


23:01 Ticket #1011 (MS Annotation Spectra: legend of the coloring is missing for MS1 ...) created by sena
There is a legend showing "observed - red", "annotated", "unannotated" …
22:56 Ticket #1010 (MS Annotation Spectra: image export of spectra does not contain cartoons) created by sena
When you have annotated spectra with cartoons and select save as …
22:54 Ticket #1009 (GELATO Annotation: no annotation for Velos files with "trust charge state") created by sena
Velos files do not include charge states. If you set the "trust charge …
22:52 Ticket #1008 (MS GELATO Wizard: finish button does not get enabled even if the ...) created by sena
When you open GELATO wizard, it shows the first annotation file as …
22:48 Ticket #1007 (MS Editor: allow opening of mzXML/mzML type of quantification files) created by sena
Currently only annotation mzXML/mzML file can be selected to open in …
22:46 Ticket #1006 (MS File Upload: file filter for mzXML/mxML not working) created by sena
When uploading a file from the MS editor, the file filter for …
22:43 Ticket #1005 (MS GELATO wizard: default Mass type selection) created by sena
default selection should be "Monoisotopic" instead of "Average"


19:29 Ticket #1004 (MS Annotation: incorrect columns are displayed in scientific notation ...) created by sena
Only the intensity columns are supposed to be shown in scientific …


20:45 Ticket #1003 (Issues w/ O-glycans) created by dbrentw
Often, in the Composition column for Oglycan datasets, there are …
19:33 Ticket #1002 (External Quantification: Locking of files does not work) created by sena
I've uploaded a full ms file to an MS entry and then opened up the …
19:16 Ticket #1001 (MSConvert: Does not work for certain folder and filenames) created by sena
From Mindy: "I am testing and I tried to convert RAW instrument files …
19:14 Ticket #1000 (External Quantification: does not check the validity of the file) created by sena
I've uploaded a raw file with "external quantification" category but …


17:57 Ticket #956 (GELATO: Other database invalid file) closed by sena
17:39 Ticket #926 (Custome Annotations: Delete causes error block of preference page) closed by sena
17:39 Ticket #925 (Custom Annotation - Delete annotations) closed by sena
17:31 Ticket #955 (new GELATO Annotation: problems when you start with no entry selected) closed by sena
17:31 Ticket #946 (MS editor: hide rows with no selection) closed by sena
17:28 Ticket #957 (GELATO: No MS selection) closed by sena
17:25 Ticket #998 (Mass Spec: External Quantification Dialog - extra label) closed by sena
17:24 Ticket #907 (MS Editor: integrate msconvert) closed by sena


22:59 Ticket #960 (New intensity and counting scores for GELATO) closed by sena
verified the existence of raw intensity and raw counting score columns.
22:55 Ticket #339 (GELATO: Preferences) closed by sena
22:55 Ticket #896 (GELATO: Additional analyte settings) closed by sena
verified that annotation goes through multiple databases


23:05 Ticket #621 (Core: Crash of GRITS if log folder is not writeable) closed by sena
21:56 Ticket #909 (GELATO: Allow selection of file to annotate) closed by sena
21:55 Ticket #841 (Put workspace name at top of GRITS) closed by sena
21:53 Ticket #570 (MS annotation spetrum viewer: unannotated preference not persisted) closed by sena
21:45 Ticket #859 (Archive: Inconsistent save behavouir) closed by sena
21:40 Ticket #999 (MS Summary View: clicking column header corrupts table) created by sena
In Summary View (for MS2) if you click the column header twice, the …


22:30 Ticket #944 (MS Merge: Merge not correct, missing structures) closed by sena
works fine.


17:50 Ticket #998 (Mass Spec: External Quantification Dialog - extra label) created by sena
In External Quantification Dialog, "Available Files" is repeated twice.
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