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Last sheet in the excel file format
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Ontology Last excel sheet format
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18:18 Ticket #1082 (MSConvert: fails to generate a valid mzxml file when scan number range ...) created by sena
MSConvert from GRITS creates a MzXML file which does not have any …


17:29 Ticket #1081 (MS Annotation: Column chooser for the lower (selection) table does not ...) created by sena
From Mindy: When i make changes to the column choices in the bottom …
17:24 Ticket #1080 (MS Annotation: Filters stop working after external quantification) created by sena
From Mindy: I applied a score filter top 1 intensity score, it seemed …


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22:56 MigrationToJava1_9_and_Oxygen created by sena
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17:07 Ticket #1040 (Cartoons disappear on Details View and Spectra viewer) reopened by sena
I have seen this happening again. Cannot exactly give the order of …
16:51 Ticket #1079 (MS Annotation Editor: Highlight the currently selected row) created by sena
The selected rows are not marked differently in the annotation table …


20:46 Ticket #1078 (Remove "Rename Column" option from Column Header menu) created by dbrentw
Summary is enough…


22:52 Ticket #1077 (Scan Hierarchy: double-click should not go to the summary page) created by sena
Double-click on a MSn scan takes the user to the summary page but it …
22:50 Ticket #1076 (Scan Hierarchy: pops up in project details perspective) created by sena
I don't know the exact circumstances but when you double-click on a …
22:45 Ticket #1075 (Scan Hierarchy: show # of annotations) created by sena
It would be good to see which scans have annotations on the scan …
16:00 Tickets #228,​921,​1063 batch updated by Rene Ranzinger


17:59 Ticket #1062 (Errors when structures from different databases have the same id) closed by sena
tested in revision [2952] - GRITS-1.2.3
17:53 Ticket #1074 (Problem with annotation of MS3 data) created by dbrentw
Open demo workspace. Open annotation "C.GELATO..". Traverse to …


18:42 Ticket #1061 (LC-MS: missing annotations) closed by sena
duplicate of ticket #1062


18:36 Ticket #844 (Annotation Editor: decide how to lock selections) closed by sena
18:35 Ticket #1072 (MS Annotation: Hide common annotations hide every row) closed by sena
tested in revision [2948]
18:20 Ticket #1073 (Missing Custom Annotation on spectra) created by dbrentw
In latest version you no longer have the option to show the custom …


18:30 Ticket #1072 (MS Annotation: Hide common annotations hide every row) created by sena
I tested the new "hide common annotations" feature with N-Glycans-A …
17:18 Ticket #1068 (MS Glycan Annotation: missing internal standard sets) closed by sena
I can now see the standard sets even without saving them to …
17:17 Ticket #1058 (Databasebot: Image distortion in Excel report) closed by sena
tested in revision [2944] - GRITS 1.2.3
17:07 Ticket #951 (Database Bot: Resizing on Mass page (report) not working) closed by sena
images look fine in GRITS-1.2.3


21:48 Ticket #1039 (Flakiness with Merge Column Chooser Dialog) closed by sena
tested in revision [2944] - Grits 1.2.3
21:45 Ticket #1071 (MS Merge: Doesn't work when an old annotation entry is used as one of ...) created by sena
I tried to merge NGlycans-A and NGlycans-C from the demo workspace. …
21:36 Ticket #1040 (Cartoons disappear on Details View and Spectra viewer) closed by sena
could not reproduce. tested in revision [2944] - Grits 1.2.3
21:35 Ticket #1042 (Table doesn't resize in Ext Quant dialog) closed by sena
closed as duplicate. other ticket needs to be fixed
21:33 Ticket #1055 (Archive: opening an archive changes project explorer's title) closed by sena
tested in revision [2944] - grits 1.2.3
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