20:33 Ticket #1073 (Missing Custom Annotation on spectra) closed by sena
verified that custom annotations are labeled for MS2 spectra
20:25 Ticket #1057 (MS Annotation: LC-MS/MS (truncated) experiment throws exceptions ...) closed by sena
20:00 Ticket #674 (MS entry: unable to delete failed MS data) closed by sena
cannot reproduce the error
20:00 Ticket #1045 (Excessive stretching of cartoons on MS Spectra) closed by sena
not perfect but for the most part they are not over stretched
19:47 Ticket #999 (MS Summary View: clicking column header corrupts table) closed by sena
confirmed for NGlycans-C
19:43 Ticket #1043 (Missing fragmentation type on fragment cartoons) closed by sena
seems to be working. I am not sure if there was a specific annotation …
19:38 Ticket #1078 (Remove "Rename Column" option from Column Header menu) closed by sena
19:38 Ticket #1071 (MS Merge: Doesn't work when an old annotation entry is used as one of ...) closed by sena
tested in version GRITS


17:20 Ticket #1081 (MS Annotation: Column chooser for the lower (selection) table does not ...) closed by sena


21:35 Ticket #968 (Annotation Editor: Deviation column lost) closed by Rene Ranzinger


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Ontology Last excel sheet format
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18:18 Ticket #1082 (MSConvert: fails to generate a valid mzxml file when scan number range ...) created by sena
MSConvert from GRITS creates a MzXML file which does not have any …


17:29 Ticket #1081 (MS Annotation: Column chooser for the lower (selection) table does not ...) created by sena
From Mindy: When i make changes to the column choices in the bottom …
17:24 Ticket #1080 (MS Annotation: Filters stop working after external quantification) created by sena
From Mindy: I applied a score filter top 1 intensity score, it seemed …


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