18:16 Ticket #1092 (mzxml files with file extension ".mzxml" not working on Mac) created by dbrentw
If you attempt to use an mzxml file with ".mzxml" instead of ".mzXML" …
16:44 Ticket #1091 (Need to refactor to support generic merge) created by dbrentw
To support reports of Glycolipid data, we need to make the current …


20:36 Ticket #1090 (Filter dialog becomes unresponsive for LC-MS/MS) created by dbrentw
If you attempt to use the score filter for LC-MS/MS dialog, the …


21:11 Ticket #1089 (no response to selection change for LC-MS/MS) created by dbrentw
If you open "scan 0" for an LC-MS/MS annotation and then click on an …


18:15 Ticket #1086 (Standard Quant peaks not getting removed from archive) closed by sena
I confimed when I applied and then removed the standard …


20:24 Ticket #923 (Custom Annotation - Add annotation file does not add) closed by sena
works now. verified
19:25 Ticket #959 (Error opening workspace) closed by dbrentw
19:24 Ticket #954 (Issues w/ versioning of MSGlycanAnnotation property) closed by dbrentw
19:24 Ticket #947 (Annotation Editor: Unable to open entries in 1.1 web version) closed by dbrentw
19:24 Ticket #919 (MS Merge: Unable to merge extract data) closed by dbrentw
19:24 Ticket #582 (MS editor: Exceptions opening old MS entries) closed by dbrentw
19:23 Ticket #584 (MS Merge: Opening of old reports) closed by dbrentw
18:58 Ticket #898 (qRT-PCR : Plate Layout Entry Wizard "Multiple problems have occurred") closed by dbrentw
18:58 Ticket #884 (Experiment Design - Colour configuration for Step-boxes) closed by dbrentw


21:35 Ticket #1050 (MS Scan Hierarchy View: ability to filter) closed by dbrentw
Confirmed can search full MS by retention time, MSn by precursor m/z
21:31 Ticket #1048 (MS Annotation: ability to export annotated (selected candidates) ...) closed by dbrentw
17:55 Ticket #1077 (Scan Hierarchy: double-click should not go to the summary page) closed by dbrentw
17:54 Ticket #813 (Annotation Editor: ability to lock manual selections) closed by dbrentw
17:50 Ticket #1079 (MS Annotation Editor: Highlight the currently selected row) closed by dbrentw
17:34 Ticket #905 (Annotation Editor: Support for Standards for quantification) closed by sena
confirmed. Selecting a standard experiment for a merge and showing …
17:34 Ticket #1088 (MS Merge: selecting a standard experiment and displaying ratios) created by sena
From ticket #905: This will be used for quantification with a MS …
16:57 Ticket #1059 (MS Annotation Editor - need an editable comment column) closed by dbrentw
Confirmed in DI and LC-MS/MS. Note that the comments don't transfer to …
16:56 Ticket #309 (Annotation Editor: Specify ratios for mixtures) closed by dbrentw
Confirmed in DI and LC-MS/MS. Note that the ratios don't transfer to merge.


22:50 Ticket #913 (MS Editor: Treeview for scan hierarchy) closed by dbrentw
22:42 Ticket #1075 (Scan Hierarchy: show # of annotations) closed by dbrentw
confirmed with several projects
22:37 Ticket #1060 (Allow user-specified intensity for peaks) closed by sena
confirmed with different options (internal standard, external …
22:18 Ticket #723 (Annotation Editor: Size of columns in summary view) closed by sena
22:07 Ticket #1056 (MS Annotation: External Quantification picking wrong values for Full MS) closed by sena
checked for the given example and confirmed
21:58 Ticket #924 (Custom Annotation - Add annotation file - none functional control) closed by sena
21:44 Ticket #1037 (External Quant dialog doesn't expand) closed by sena
confirmed. table resizes with the dialog
18:45 Ticket #1087 (GELATO: annotation fails for truncated mzxml files) created by dbrentw
If you truncate an mzxml file, gelato fails to create annotation, at …
18:40 Ticket #1082 (MSConvert: fails to generate a valid mzxml file when scan number range ...) closed by dbrentw
I tested 2 trimmed files. They appear correctly formatted and open in …
18:25 Ticket #1080 (MS Annotation: Filters stop working after external quantification) closed by dbrentw
I confirmed that I'm able to filter the table after applying standard …
18:22 Ticket #1049 (MSConvert: expose more command line arguments) closed by dbrentw
If "cut the spectra" means to trim by scan number or scan time, then …
18:11 Ticket #903 (MS Editor: Cancel opening files can not be deleted) closed by sena
closing this since we cannot reproduce


21:18 Ticket #1086 (Standard Quant peaks not getting removed from archive) created by dbrentw
If you change the list of peaks for a stored set and apply it, the …
21:08 Ticket #1085 (Need warning for number of standard peaks) created by dbrentw
If you have too many standard peaks, GRITS can become unstable, …
20:48 Ticket #1084 (Need to backup archive files) created by dbrentw
Because of the need for external quantitation, commenting, etc, the …
20:32 Ticket #1083 (Merging results from CID / HCD spectra) created by dbrentw
If you annotate a file that performs multiple fragmentation types, it …


20:33 Ticket #1073 (Missing Custom Annotation on spectra) closed by sena
verified that custom annotations are labeled for MS2 spectra
20:25 Ticket #1057 (MS Annotation: LC-MS/MS (truncated) experiment throws exceptions ...) closed by sena
20:00 Ticket #674 (MS entry: unable to delete failed MS data) closed by sena
cannot reproduce the error
20:00 Ticket #1045 (Excessive stretching of cartoons on MS Spectra) closed by sena
not perfect but for the most part they are not over stretched
19:47 Ticket #999 (MS Summary View: clicking column header corrupts table) closed by sena
confirmed for NGlycans-C
19:43 Ticket #1043 (Missing fragmentation type on fragment cartoons) closed by sena
seems to be working. I am not sure if there was a specific annotation …
19:38 Ticket #1078 (Remove "Rename Column" option from Column Header menu) closed by sena
19:38 Ticket #1071 (MS Merge: Doesn't work when an old annotation entry is used as one of ...) closed by sena
tested in version GRITS


17:20 Ticket #1081 (MS Annotation: Column chooser for the lower (selection) table does not ...) closed by sena
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