16:50 Ticket #1098 (Generate Report - table overlapped) created by yukie
Tool -> Experiment Designer -> Generate Report -> select PDF When I …


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20:52 Ticket #1097 (Sulfation support: ticket 3 - targeted sulfation ion exchange) created by dbrentw
Currently in GELATO, if the user specifies a possible neutral loss, it …
20:47 Ticket #1096 (Sulfation support: ticket 2 - ion exchange support) created by dbrentw
The typical parameters for sulfation uses both sodium (Na) and …
20:41 Ticket #1095 (Sulfation support: ticket 1 - correct mass of neutral loss) created by dbrentw
When Glycoworkbench fragments a sulfated glycan, one of the fragments …
20:33 Ticket #1094 (Annotation Refactoring) created by dbrentw
Currently, GELATO contains a lot of code that could be re-used for …


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