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Documentation for Developers to import the excel file having ontology information

The handler class displays an dialog box that allows users to select the ontology excel file. It also requires a pallette category name from user and the location where the owl file needs to be saved. The main class for importing ontologies first copies the standard experiment design ontology (experimentdesignontology.owl) from experiment design plugin as a local ontology (localexperimentdesignontology.owl) in the config folder (.grits-toolbox/org.grits.toolbox.editor.experimentdesigner/). It adds protocol templates to this ontology and generates protocol variants in the config folder. It then writes this new ontology to the location where users wants it to be saved.

If we want this new categories and protocols in GRITS we have to copy this newly generated ontology file to the experiment design plugin.

Sometimes excessive HTTP requests for reading Pubmed papers may result in server blocking the operation. To overcome this, one can download the papers using browser and save it in the paper folder (name being PubmedId of the paper and file type being ".xml"). Codes have been adjusted to read the papers from this paper folder if response from HTTP request has certain error phrases.

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