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     93== Generating a product ==
     94There are two product files in org.grits.toolbox plugin; and GRITS.all.product. The first one is used during development and the latter one should be used when exporting your product to generate an executable for the application.
     95You can customize these product files for your own purposes by adding a new plugin or removing the plugins that your application does not need. For example, if you are generating an executable for QrtPCR, you may want to remove MS specific plugins.
     96When you add a new plugin, you have to make sure to add the dependent plugins by clicking "Add required plugins". Please note that each time you click on this button, it will add "org.grits.toolbox.fragment.developers" plugin as one of the required plugins. However leaving this plugin in the product file
     97prevents logs to be written to the log file, therefore you should manually remove this plugin if it ever becomes part of "GRITS.all.product". This plugin should be included in "dev" version since it allows us to see the log messages in the console.
     99=== exporting ===
     100In the Overview tab of the product file, there is a section titled "Exporting". Click on "Eclipse Product export wizard" link to initiate the exporting process.
     104Do not change the product configuration section. You should provide a directory for the generated product. You should give a new (empty) folder name for each product generation. If the folder does not exist, it will be created as long as the parent folder exists.
     105If you enable multi-platform build (see next section), you can select "export for multiple platforms" in "Export Options" section and click next to select the platforms. Otherwise, click "Finish" to generate the executable.
     107After wizard completes execution, go to the directory you've provided. You should see a sub-folder for each platform if you have selected multiple platforms.
     108For Mac, you should see a folder structure similar to the following:
     112Double clicking on GRITS under "eclipse/MacOS" folder will start the application.
     114For Windows, it should look like this:
     118Double clicking on GRITS.exe inside "eclipse" folder will start the application.
    93120== Multi-platform Build ==
    94121GRITS Toolbox is a multi-platform software that can be run on most operation systems. However to incorporate the platform specific libraries it is necessary to create a own product for each platform. The Multi-platform build allows to do this from a single computer and is the recommended way to generate platform specific builds. To enable this module you need to open your workspace and: