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General Testing

New workspace

  1. Select a new folder as a workspace when starting up GRITS (click Browse and "New Folder" to create a new one)
  2. Check to make sure you see the "Welcome to GRITS" page.
  3. Choose "Yes, Create a new project" and give a name
  4. Right-click on the project and select "delete"
  5. Close GRITS and open it again with the same workspace you've created in 1st step - You should see the same welcome page.
  6. Choose "No, Take me to workspace". You should not see any projects listed under "Project Explorer" tab.

Demo Workspace

  1. Download and open demo workspace: download here
  2. Start GRITS and choose the downloaded workspace as your workspace
  3. GRITS should have a project named "DemoProject" listed under "Project Explorer" tab and it should not be shown as "closed" (red X next to it).
  4. Browse entries by expanding the project (click on the little horizontal arrow to the left of each entry)
  5. Double click on each entry and open them and see if opening each type of entry works without any errors

Testing Project entry

  1. Start GRITS and choose any workspace (Demo or newly created one).
  2. Choose "File->New->Project" to create a new project.
  • Incorrect Values:
    • try entering a very long sentence containing space as the name of the project
    • should get an error message while typing and OK button should be disabled
    • test it again by entering an existing project name as the name of the new project
    • should get an error message saying a project with that name already exists and OK should be disabled
  • Correct value:
    • enter a valid name for a project and click "Cancel"
    • Project should not be created
    • Test again by entering a valid name and click "OK"
    • new project should be created and shown in Project Explorer

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