There are several components to this plugin:

  • Slide Layouts - ArrayDesignLibrary

Slide Layouts provide the information about the glycans and their positions within a slide. Each slide contains a number of blocks (pads) which in turn contains spots (probes). Each spot contains one or more glycan probes that are composed of a linker and a glycan. The complete object model is shown below:

  • Glycan Array Experiment

GlycanArrayExperiment is the main object stored for a glycan array experiment. It contains all the necessary information to generate raw data tables and the summary table. Glycanarray experiment wizard allows the user to associate slide layouts with the data points from the scanner files to generate a GlycanArrayExperiment object. The complete object model is shown below.

GlycanArrayExperiment contains a list of slides. Each slide has a list of blocks and a list of files attached to it. A block contains its layout of spots and also a map mapping each PowerLevel to a MeasurementSet. MeasurementSet is the object containing the actual measurement values. It contains the Measurement for each Feature. Feature is basically a list of Glycans. Measurement is the wrapper for all the measurement values for all the replicates (a list of SpotData) of the given Feature. SpotData encapsulates all the values (mean/median etc.) extracted from the scanner.

  • Glycan Array Report

GlycanArrayReport is a snapshot of the master table. It contains a list of ReportData objects for each Feature selected from the Master (Summary) table. ReportData object contains the list of different concentrations and two maps; one for the values for each glycan concentration and the other for the standard deviations for each glycan concentration. FeatureForMasterTable object contains the necessary information to display the feature as a row in the table. Block information is not being used for the report view.

  • Filters

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