This package contains the utility class ExperimentDesignerUtils to add an output node to the experiment design of a given sample programmatically. MS plugin can use the following method to add its corresponding node into the experiment design.

public static void addOutputNode (Entry sampleEntry, ExternalNode node) throws Exception {

ExternalNode contains label, description and a list of parameters and/or parameter groups. Parameters should have a name, a value and possibly a description and a unit. ParameterGroup can contain a list of parameters and also has a name and optional description. Paramater and ParameterGroup are part of the experiment designer model and can be found in this package.

The other parameter to be provided for the above method is the Entry object for the Sample.

If the experiment design for the given sample has not been created yet, the above method will throw NoExperimentDesignException and this should be handled appropriately.

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