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Object Model for Sample

A brief documentation of the sample object that stores information for sample entry.

Brief History

Currently the object that stores information related to sample entry is stored as a Sample object. Here are some important information related to this object :

  • Sample object is known as Analyte in the user interface
  • It has a list of Components
  • Previously Sample object was known as SampleGroup
    • and its Component members were known as Sample objects

These information might be helpful while working with the code as some variable names might not have been renamed when the object models were renamed.

Note:Also, previous to the SampleGroup object there were also Sample object but they did not have much similarity with its corresponding current Analyte (Sample) object model and they should not be anywhere in the code as they were rewritten with the new object model. This information about very old Sample object is just for documentation and in case developers see the old plugin or an old piece of code.

The Class Diagram for the object model in Sample Editor

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