GRITS Part Descriptor For Entry

For migrating from 3.x entry editor to a part descriptor follow this documentation

Entry Part Descriptor

  • Category
    • describes which entry it would display information
    • value is type of entry property
      • example - category - "" is a project editor
    • multiplicity - * to 1
      • many part descriptors can display an entry
      • but one part descriptor can only display a single entry. For reusing same gui to display other entry one would create another part descriptor with a different id but would reuse the java class
  • Tags
    • "default" - it is the default editor for the entry for which it displays information
      • it is an optional tag for part descriptor
    • "perspective:some_perspective_id" - the perspective this part descriptor opens in
      • example tag - "perspective:org.grits.toolbox.core.perspective.entry.project"
      • multiplicity - 1 - 1 currently supports 1 perspective per descriptor (for >1 perspective tag, chooses the first from the list of perspectives of the perspective stack that matches with one of the perspective tags, would mean un-predictible from the tag list)
  • Binding Contexts
    • has "Binding Context Entry" ("org.grits.toolbox.core.bindingcontext.entry")
      • acts as a filter criteria while selecting part descriptors meant for displaying entries
      • only part descriptors with this binding context are further matched with category and tags while displaying an entry

Multiplicity Summarization

Entry --1-*--> Part Descriptor --1-1--> Perspective

  • For an entry on double-click, chooses part descriptor with "default" tag
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