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Documentation of Robertos MS_Profiler_Plugin

General Instruction of Profile Database Preference :

Profile Database Preference Page looks like this :

Profile Preference Dialog Box Image

It allows users to perform the following actions :

  • New : Create a new database.
  • Edit : Edit any existing database.
  • Remove : Delete any existing database.
  • Import : Import database by selecting the excel file from local machine.
  • Export : Write the newly created database from grits to local machine.

Few Important points:

Below is an image of the database excel file of NGlycan which can be imported in the database using the import button.

In this database file it is important to have first three rows as shown in this image. Meaning when we try to import any database file in Grits the first three rows of the file will be checked to make sure they have the "name" tag in the first row, "Description" tag in the second row and "Mass", "Structure" and "Gws" in the third row.

Next is that this file can have rows where the entry for GWS cell is empty but there must always be values for the mass and structure cell.

Edit Database Operation:

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