General Instruction of MS Profile Database Handler :

MS Profile Database Handler looks like this :

MS Annotate Handler Image

It allows users to perform the following actions :

  • Add : Add a new data file which is also known as the peaklist file.
  • Remove : Delete any existing data file.

In the dropdown database combo we can see the list of databases which the users have added with the help of profile database preference option.

In the result file text box we browse to the location where we want the output to be saved.

Accuracy can be specified using two units ppm and dalton depending upon the user's requirement.

Format of the Data File (PeakList file)

This plugin uses the columns named index, centroid mass and the area. The order of this columns in the excel sheet does not matter only things that is important is that this columns need to present in the data file.

You can have multiple data files which will be compared against the existing selected database to get the output of annotated Glycans.


Format of the output excel file after annotation

The output file will contain the matched entries (within the specified accuracy) from the selected database and the data files (peaklist files) in the sheet named "Annotated" and matched as well as unmatched entries in the sheet named "complete".

MS Annotate Output File format

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