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Problems experienced when using Eclipse Oxygen with Java 1.9

  • Subclipse complains with Eclipse Oxygen - solution: install slikSVN:
  • Eclipse shows compilation errors for all java.xml.bind, javax.xml imports (seems to be a display problem) but GRITS still runs without issues
    • manually changing the java execution environment isModular (by adding required modules) fixes the compilation error display but has to be done for each plugin??
  • Archive plugin does not work. Exception org.eclipse.swt.layout.GridData cannot be cast to FillData
  • GRITS product export does not work although launching it works fine within eclipse. There is a conflict about a batik.css version. Missing requirement: Eclipse CSS Core Support 0.12.101.v20170712-1547 (org.eclipse.e4.ui.css.core 0.12.101.v20170712-1547) requires 'bundle org.apache.batik.css 1.7.0' but it could not be found. See for description of the same problem. Eclipse Oxygen seems to use batik 1.8 internally but its core plugin requires batik 1.7.0??