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     1== Service Lab Documentation ==
     2It is a short documentation of functionalities provided to Service Lab and their management in GRITS.
    2 == Service Lab Documentation ==
     4=== Plugins ===
     5GRITS provides some specialized functionalities for Service Lab. Currently there are two plugins that have been created for this purpose.
     6- [ Service Lab main plugin]
     7- [ Service Lab utility plugin]
     9==== Service Lab main plugin ====
     10This plugin currently provides functionalities related to accounting and management in Service Lab. It adds the following functionalities:
     11- Invoice Generation - price management for protocols and generation of invoice for projects
     12- Project Validation - Task assignment to individual samples in projects, verification of experiments in samples and files in archives
     13- Management of Task and File Upload information
     14- Upload of final Bill for projects
     15It also contains
     16 - the latest experiment designer's ontology set provided to Service Lab
     17 - the protocol variants provided to Service Lab
     19Useful tutorials for Service Lab users can be found here:
     20 - [ Invoice Generation Tutorial]
     21 - [ Project Validation Tutorial]
     23==== Service Lab utility plugin ====
     24This plugin currently is used for generation of GRITS workspace projects from spread sheets. It is also used for adding new protocols to ontology from a spread sheet and for adding protocol variants.
     26Protocol spread sheet - The spread sheet that is used for adding new protocols to the ontology is stored in '''doc''' folder. The name of the spread sheet would be '''Protocol Set <NUMBER> Rev<NUMBER>.xlsx'''.
     28=== Deployment ===
     29Steps for deploying GRITS in Service Lab is described below :
     311. Copy two ontologies before building - copy the two ontologies from '''ontology''' folder of Service Lab main plugin to '''ontology''' folder of Experiment designer plugin
     32 a. experimentdesignontology.owl
     33 b. localexperimentdesignontology.owl
     342. Use the product "'''GRITS.servicelab.product'''" in Service Lab Main plugin to build a product
     353. Deploy the product in Service Lab computer
     36Adding new protocol variants (it would remove all local protocols and protocol variants)
     371. Get a copy of protocol variants from '''protocol variants''' folder of Service Lab main plugin (use the variants with matching version of the ontology that was used for deployment in step 1)
     382. Clean the '''org.grits.toolbox.editor.experimentdesigner''' folder inside config folder and copy the new protocol variants and extract it here