Documentation for User to create excel file containing Ontology Information


Attached is an example of how the excel file containing the ontology information must look. Grits software will create categories with the label in the category row (row number 8) and create protocol with label in the protocol name row (row number 10). Every protocol is added to its corresponding category. In the next Image we can see how the categories and protocols in GRITS will look like.

Example of how the categories and protocols can be seen in GRITS

Last Excel Sheet that has to be there in the Ontology Excel File (Mandatory)

In the below image there are three columns : Name, Description and Color.

  • Name : This column must have the unique names of all the categories which we need in GRITS.
  • Description : This column must have the description corresponding to this templates.
  • Color : This are the codes for different colors in our database (We (developes) can add those colors).

Last sheet in the excel file format

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