List of classes/packages to be removed in pure E4 application

  • from org.grits.toolbox.core
    • Application
    • ApplicationActionBar
    • ApplicationWorkbenchAdvisor
    • ApplicationWorkbenchWindowAdvisor
  • from org.grits.toolbox.core.dataShare package
    • GritsEditorTracker
    • GritsPerspectiveAdapter
  • from org.grits.toolbox.core.editor package
    • all classes (this also allows us to remove the dependency to org.grits.toolbox.widgets)
  • from org.grits.toolbox.core.utilShare
    • EclipseLegacyUtils
  • from org.grits.toolbox.core.projectexplorer.preference
    • ProjectExplorerPreference

org.eclipse.ui package dependencies should be removed from plugin.xml. org.eclipse.ui.forms are still being used.


This dialog is being used in several plugins (qrtpcr, experimentdesigner and others) and does not have any 3.x components but requires the dependency to "org.eclipse.ui" be kept even for pure E4 application


This dialog still has some 3.x components but it is being migrated to E4 as tracked in the following bugs:

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