qRT-PCR Data Plugin


  1. Import qrtPCR data for an analyte
  2. Display extracted information in a table in an editor
  3. Export data (into Excel file) after analysis and computations


  1. Master Gene List - Contains information of all genes that can be used in the experiment. Information includes a unique internal gene identifier, gene symbol, description, group that the gene belongs etc. (Excel file)
  2. Plate Layout (for an experiment run) – Excel file that shows the placement of genes (using internal gene identifier) in each plate. Plates can contain 96 positions and typically 3 replicates of each gene are used for an experiment. Therefore, each plate typically contains up-to 32 genes.
  3. Raw Data (.asy) file (for each plate in the given layout) - This is the text file obtained from the instrument for each plate. Provides mainly three numbers, CT0, CTMean0 and CTDev0 for each gene (if there are 3 replicates, 3 of these sets of numbers)
  4. # of Replicates used in the plate – by default 3 but can also be 4


Sample Input Wizard

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Object Model:

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